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How to Become an IPS officer, Complete Information with Salary

Salary Of IPS officer: Hello friends, welcome to our blog, friends, today I am going to get some information regarding the IPS officer, how to become an IPS officer, what is required for it and how much salary is given to an IPS officer. In today’s article, we are going to understand all the related information step by step.

It is the dream of many people to go to a big position in the Police Service, like those who think of becoming an IPS. But some people do not know that IPS kaise bane and what is IPS? Many types of questions come in the mind of those thinking of becoming IPS, such as what is the qualification to become IPS, Age Limit, Selection Process, what should be the height to become IPS,

what should be the height of girls to become IPS. And what is IPS salary etc. You are going to get answers to all the questions related to becoming an IPS in this article.This post is the highest post in the Indian Police Department, achieving which becomes the passion of many students and they unite day and night to become an IPS and they are definitely successful.

Every year lakhs of students participate for the post of IPS and only a few promising students reach their destination. Because becoming an IPS is not as easy as it sounds, but nothing is impossible if you try with all your heart. To become an IPS, understand well what you will have to study and what will be the eligibility for Physical Test.

What is an IPS officer

If you want to become an IPS officer, then it is very important for you to know what is an IPS officer? IPS Officer has an important role in maintaining law and order and getting it implemented properly. An IPS officer also serves on the post of IG to DGP (Director General of Police) in his state.

Before India’s independence from the United Kingdom, this post was known as Indian Imperial Police and just one year after independence, it was changed to IPS i.e. Indian Police Service. The post of IPS is employed by both the individual states and the central government.

How to become IPS

When a student thinks of going for a big post in the Indian Police, then his attention is mostly focused on the post of IPS. And this question must have come in his mind that IPS kaise bane? You have to work very hard to become an IPS officer because every year lakhs of students apply to become an IPS and the competition is also increasing day by day.

To become an IPS, apart from passing the education exam, you will also have to prepare for the physical test, in which your height, chest and health etc. are seen. And most importantly you have to prepare for UPSC exam, which is the top exam of India. By fulfilling all these criteria, you can get the post of IPS.

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Just as we need some educational qualification for every minor exam, similarly we have to fulfill an eligibility criteria for the post of IPS, after which we can get the post of IPS. So friends, let us know in detail what we have to do to become an IPS officer:

#1- 12th clear

It is mandatory to pass 12th class in any UPSC exam, even if it is an IPS officer exam. You can do the twelfth examination from any stream such as Arts, Science or Commerce and should be with good marks.

#2- clear graduation

To become an IPS, you have to pass graduation after 12th which can be from any subject. Whatever subject you like, pass your graduation with good marks so that you can apply for UPSC further.

#3- Apply for UPSC Exam

Perhaps you would know that IPS, IAS and IRS etc. Exams are conducted by UPSC. You can apply for UPSC even in the last year of your graduation, otherwise you should fill this exam after the completion of graduation. As soon as you clear the UPSC exam, you will be sent for training and in this way you can get the post of IPS officer. UPSC exam is conducted in 3 stages, about which we can read the following.

#4-Clear the Preliminary (Pre-Exam): –

The first stage of UPSC exam is Preliminary i.e. Preliminary Exam. There are two papers in this, both of which are related to General Studies, in which Objective type questions are asked. Only after qualifying this exam you can sit in Mains exam, so this exam is very important.

#5- Clear Mains Exam:-

After qualifying the preliminary exam you get a chance to appear in the Mains exam which is a written exam.  In this exam you have 9 papers which you have to clear with good marks so that you will be called for the last stage i.e. Interview.  Most of the candidates remain in this exam and they do not reach the interview.  As this exam is tough so you have to work hard if you want to reach your ips seat.

#6- Clear Interview:-

After passing both Pre and Mains exam, now you have to give last round i.e. Interview in which you are asked personal questions as well as many more tricky questions for which you will be prepared.  These questions and answers last for about 45 minutes, in which your intelligence and knowledge is known.

#7- Finally Clear IPS Training:-

After clearing all 3 stages of UPSC exam you are sent for IPS officer training, this training is conducted at Mansoori (LBSNAA) and Hyderabad (SVPNPA).  By completing which you become an IPS Officer and in this way your journey to become an IPS is complete.

What is the Salary of IPS

On becoming an IPS, you get a very good salary, in which you are paid according to your post. According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the salary is initially Rs 56,100 and it goes up to Rs 2,25,000 on further promotion or on getting the post of DGP.

Without this, an IPS officer is given not only salary but also many facilities, in which they get car, government bungalow, security guard and domestic facilities. Apart from this, the expenses of phone and electricity are also borne by the government.

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