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IAS Officer Salary 2023

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, friends, today I am going to get some special information through this blog, now you must be thinking that what is that special information, then let me tell you that today we are going to discuss about the salary of IAS Officer. We are going to get information that after becoming an IAS officer, how much is his salary and at which grade he is recruited, we are going to get complete information in today’s article, so definitely read this article till the end.

UPSC is the only commission in India that conducts the exam for India’s best job IAS and IAS is a post which is considered to be the highest among government organizations in India and this post is also attractive for its power as well as salary. The center is considered, and for this every year more than 10 lakh candidates appear in the written examination after reading the syllabus, and the number of preparers is also in lakhs, although before this the candidates have to complete the UPSC PRE Syllabus and UPSC MAINS Syllabus.

There should be some kind of knowledge. Today we are going to tell about IAS Salary to all the candidates who dream of becoming IAS in India because most of the candidates preparing for UPSC want to become IAS and they always want to know about IAS Salary in India, so Today we are going to give complete information about IAS Officer Salary and Allowance through this article. Apart from this, you can also get information about DAF.

Salary information of IAS officer

Like every government employee, an IAS officer is given salary as well as other allowances by the Government of India, but some other additional allowances are also given in IAS Salary, which very few government employees get. Along with this, the IAS Officer Salary also depends on the post and tenure, due to which the salary keeps on increasing.

The maximum salary of an IAS officer is when they become the cabinet secretary of the Government of India, at that time they get 2 lakh 50 thousand under the 18th pay level. Apart from this, other allowances are also given to them by the Government of India.If we talk about IAS Salary in India, then according to the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) ias salary per month – Basic Salary is Rs.56,100/- but along with salary, IAS officers also get dearness allowance, house rent, transport allowance.

Other allowances are given by the Government of India, due to which the ias salary in-hand becomes very high, but this is only the initial days salary, ias salary after 10 years becomes even more, a candidate gets IAS During the career, the basic salary is available from 56,100 to 2.5 lakh rupees.

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How much salary does an IAS officer get during training?

IAS officers get a basic salary of Rs 56100 and allowances but during training their salary gets reduced because some parts of the salary are deducted by the Government of India for the facilities provided during the training. That’s why officers get less money as salary during training.

All IAS officers of India are trained by Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) and this training lasts for 03 years. Talking about IAS Officer salary during training, IAS officers get up to Rs.33000-35000/- in the second year of training and officers get up to Rs.40000-45000/- in the third year of training.

But some money is deducted from the salary for the services used by an officer during training, such as paying for sweatshirts, paying for buying beverages from the shop, miscellaneous items you buy from the shop, horse riding accessories etc. For this money is deducted from the salary.

Other facilities available to IAS Officer

After becoming an IAS officer, apart from ias salary and facilities, other expenses like if a candidate is willing to do any degree, or diploma in foreign universities, he is given 05 years time by the Government of India and during this time the officer’s The entire expenditure is borne by the Government of India and the officers are also given salary for 03 years.

What is the Basic Salary for which post?

Rs.56100 for the post of SDM, Under Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Rs.67700 for the post of ADM, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, Rs.78800 for the post of District Magistrate, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Rs.78800 for the post of District Magistrate, Deputy Secretary, Director Rs 118500, Divisional Commissioner,

Secretary cum Commissioner, Rs 144200 for the post of Joint Secretary, Rs 182200 for the post of Divisional Commissioner, Principal Secretary, Additional Secretary, Rs 205400 for the post of Additional Chief Secretary, Rs 225000 for the post of Chief Secretary and Secretary , On the post of cabinet secretary, a basic salary of Rs 250000 is available.

These luxury facilities are available apart from salary

Apart from salary, an IAS officer also gets other luxury facilities according to different pay-bands. Apart from the basic salary, an IAS officer gets Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Subsidized Bills, Medical Allowance and Conveyance Allowance.

Apart from this, on the basis of pay-band, an IAS officer also gets many facilities including house, security, cook and other staff. The IAS officer is also given the facility of vehicle and driver for commuting. Apart from travel allowance, a government house is also given there during the posting.

Some important questions related to IAS Salary

What is the Basic Salary of an IAS officer?

The basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs.56,100/-.

What is the Maximum Salary of an IAS officer?

The maximum salary of an IAS officer is 2.5 lakhs.

Do IAS Officers get perks along with salary?

Yes, IAS officers get perks along with the salary.

What is the Minimum Age to Become an IAS officer?

The minimum age to become an IAS officer is 21 years.

What is the Minimum Qualification to Become an IAS?

To become an IAS, a candidate must have a graduation degree.

We hope you have liked this information related to IAS Salary given by us, apart from this, if you have any questions related to this exam, then you can ask us in the comment box below.

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